Durasport Spas

Our Durasport Spas are manufactured with a highly advanced,
technically proficient process called rotational molding, or roto-molding.
It’s a process that virtually eliminates the stresses that would normally be
locked into the final product, meaning our Durasport Spas are protected
from cracking, fading, rotting, rusting, or tearing. Our roto-molding
manufacturing process also produces a virtually indestructible cabinet
that’s able to withstand what would normally be devastating impacts.

The roto-molding manufacturing process entails starting with a two-part
mold that’s filled with a high-impact resistant powder plastic resin. The
mold is mounted to a roto-molding machine that heats the plastic resin
as it rotates on horizontal and vertical axes. The plastic resin is heated
to a liquid form that flows and sticks to the walls of the mold. Thanks to
our intelligent software, the melted resin is distributed evenly to ensure
a strong, uniform product. Once cooled, the mold is opened to reveal a
ruggedly sleek, uni-body spa.

Best of all, a Durasport Spa retains its showroom allure for years to
come. We’re so confident in its quality that we back it with the spa
industry’s first LIFETIME WARRANTY!